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Perth's Heavy Duty Storage Service

Heavy Duty Storage is a new container and car storage company in Western Australia. The company is both commercial and industrial, and will store almost anything.

Located in the Australian Marine Complex, Fremantle, Heavy Duty Storage make good use of old boat racks. They've taken over from an old company called Aquastack Marina, who used to store boats and boating equipment.

Now, Heavy Duty Storage aims to get more use out of these boat racks. Instead of only storing boats, lots of things can be put there. The service they offer is comprehensive and extremely diverse. Containers are now placed in the boat racks, ready to be filled with customer storage. Storage is offered to the general public, as well as commercial businesses.

One of the standout features of their storage system is the ability to hold industrial containers. Companies can store their service containers in the old boat racks. In addition to this, there's enough space to hold large industrial machinery too. Heavy Duty Storage is also proud to announce that cars and other vehicles can be stored on their premises too. There is also still space for boats to be stacked and racked up as well. Along with all of this, any large and out of the ordinary equipment can be taken off your hands by Heavy Duty Storage.

Although the company is new, the owners are full of experience. For the past thirty years, they've owned and operated their own businesses in the heavy industrial sphere. They enjoyed elongated success and built their wealth around a strong emphasis on customer service. This is reflected in the way Heavy Duty Storage operate on a daily basis. Every task is carried out with the utmost care and attention. Members of staff look after any stored items and handle them as carefully as can be.

The diversity of the company is unmatched by any other heavy industrial storage company. With top class facilities, there's more than enough room to take on lots of work. Their premises are easily connected to other Port complexes via high-load transport routes.

The storage facility can hold 200 containers on a permanent basis. It's a large operation, but the owners are more than capable of handling things. With their state of the art equipment, they're able to service the containers with ease. Large forks are used to pick up and move any containers that need to be checked or serviced. The storage racks used can hold 9.5 tons of machinery, vehicles, or equipment. And, it can be modified to suit customer needs, depending on what needs to be stored there.

Heavy Duty Storage looks set to take Western Australia by storm. Very few companies can offer the extensive service that they're promising. Experience is vital in this industry, and the owners have that in abundance. Couple this with a large and easy to access storage rack, and you have all the makings of an excellent storage company. They're dedicated to satisfying customers, and ensuring that all clients feel safe when storing items with them.

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